Discover the most beautiful places of the Wachau valley with your private guides from Wachau-Safari.

Back in Time tours with Land Rover oldtimers in the Wachau valley
and to interesting destinations in the Waldviertel, the forest district in the North.

Let’s do it together!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Discover secret places on our jeep tours, hidden routes and inspiring paths on a hike, mysterious waterways in our canoes or an enchanting bike ride and in the fascinating UNESCO world cultural heritage of the Wachau valley.

Where passion and love for nature become one, where legends and myths of the Wachau valley are embedded in ecological contexts, where flora, fauna and water of life meet in fascinating ways – that’s where we will take you.

We share with you moving encounters with dazzling blue-green emerald lizards, colorful kingfishers, proud herons, naughty gulls, black cormorants or European otters and beavers. Discover with us the endemic Steinfeder grass, rare orchids, the northernmost saffron and the species-rich dry grasslands or impressive sand beaches on the Danube banks

What would an adventure in the Wachau valley be without visiting a Heurigen?
We love to take you to the most traditional and authentic wine taverns to conclude our excursion.