Code of Conduct

We have committed ourselves to implementing the 17 United Nations SDGs for sustainable development step by step. We want to focus on these goals by pointing out in training courses and events that even small-scale changes do have an effect.

The goals include promoting health and wellbeing at any age, high-quality education as mission, empowering and special particiation of women and girls, clean drinking water (water instead of sugared beverages, avoiding PET bottles and plastic waste), sustainable use of resources, climate protection, keeping waters and ecosystems clean (canoe tours exclusively, using oil-free sun lotions).

Rules and environmental standards as economic and ecological necessity are fundumental to us. We place special emphasis on following aspects:

  • Promoting environmental awareness and environmentally friendly conduct of partners, customers and participants of Wachau-Safari events
  • Preventive attitude and measures to prevent any environmental hazard
  • Reduction of energy consumption and responsible use of resources (e. g. use of regional products to reduce CO2 emissions)
  • Leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint
  • Gentle treatment of nature
  • Special attention to fauna and flora